Biomass Servicing

Biomass Servicing

Regular servicing will reduce the risk of breakdown, improve quality of emissions, maintain combustion efficiencies and help prolong the life of your boiler as well as save on fuel. Plus in order to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive and comply with the warranty conditions your boiler must be serviced in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

Tailored packages to suit you

We know that each biomass installation is unique so our service and support options allow you to build up a service package to suit you, taking into account the boiler operation and fuel type.

Our “standard” biomass service packages includes access to our technical helpline, two annual visits (including one full service and one combustion check) plus discounted labour and spare parts. Any further bolt-on options can be added as required ensuring you only pay for what you need.

If you run your boiler all year round a high usage contract may be applicable to cover the hours your boiler will be operational per annum.

(every 3000 run hours or annually whichever is sooner)

Inspect and clean heat exchanger (clean on non-HVA systems)

Inspect boiler access door seals and replace as necessary

Inspect hearth / grate elements

Inspect boiler exhaust system

Inspect mechanical seals

Inspect refractory linings

Inspect ignition device (where applicable)

Lubricate and adjust all running gear (drive chains and bearings)

Clean heat exchanger

Check all control system power terminal integrity

Check all panel hardware integrity

Ensure safety systems are fully operational

Test, run and check operation of all boiler systems

Record and report all findings, settings and any future replacement requirements

Flue Cleaning is available – ( after a quote has been issued and agreed ) *

Fuel storage and associated auger cleaning providing the fuel is at level to be able to carry out works

Investigate fault log

Carry out a combustion check

Test, run and check operation of all boiler


Our bolt-on options can be added to your service contract and quoted as required these include:

Remote monitoring packages

Additional commissioning visits

Monthly maintenance checks relieving the property owner of the need to employ an engineer

Annual silo maintenance

Trough filling elevator system maintenance

Heat meter checks

Flue cleaning

Performance Optimisation

Following each service visit our engineers will complete a full maintenance report detailing any observations, repairs or adjustments made - ensuring you can build up a full service record for your system.

The service frequency for your boiler is detailed in the operations and maintenance manual supplied with the boiler. Should the boiler be running more than the estimated hours, the boiler installer will advise of any amendments required to the agreed service plan. Please remember that before any planned service work can be carried out it is important that the boiler is allowed to cool down for a period of 24 hours to ensure a safe working environment

Biogreen Solutions can also service and maintain other fuel types and brands of heating appliance please contact us to discuss your enquiry.