Package Plant Rooms

Prefabricated Plants

Uniconfort produces transportable, turnkey Thermal Biomass Plants.

These Plants can be constructed in containers or on skids, depending on their size.


  • Use of an economical fuel.
  • Renewable fuel and a contribution to containing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Compact dimensions for fast installations in small spaces.
  • The thermal plant is easily moved to different sites of use; ideal for "heat-management" contracts and emergencies.
  • An economic solution that eliminates design and authorization costs while maintaining the high quality standards of traditional Uniconfort installations.



Ready-to-use biomass energy

Integrated system consisting of two containers.

Module A is a complete, pre-assembled thermal power plant; module B is used for storing the “fuel”, which is either chips or pellets.

Prefabricated thermal plant with silo

The main components of the plant are:

  • Prefabricated silo for storing chips complete with self-supporting steel structure and floating-bed extractor for the storage and extraction of dry and damp chips or pellets.
  • A horizontal extractor consisting of a rack with arms installed on sliding guides on the floor and connected to hydraulic cylinders powered by an oil pumping plant.
  • A screw for transporting fuel from the storage silo, connected to the automatic mechanical screw burner of the boiler. Steel boiler designed to use biomass fuels or, alternatively, even liquid and gaseous fuels. The boiler was designed to use fuels with high moisture content with minimum emissions at the chimney and high yields. To minimize maintenance, the boiler can be equipped with an automatic ash extraction system that conveys it to a collection bin, complete with cover and wheels.
  • “Downstream” from the boiler, there are a multi-cyclone dust-remover to clean residues from the fumes and a chimney.

Complete Plants on Skids

Complete Plants on Skids
The whole system is assembled on a platform.